Crowjob in Space DEMO (24.11.2018)

New stuff

  • Ishi, bartender
  • Ishi’s bar
  • Lifeguard interactions
  • Some fixes here and there



WINDOWS 64-bit

WINDOWS 32-bit (mainly for older computers)

LINUX 64 & 32bit


Expect bugs, errors & horrors. Remember to report said things so I can fix them!






-Fixed some stuff, links have been updated.

36 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space DEMO (24.11.2018)”

  1. I kinda bet that the other scene with the Lifeguard (the “top” one) will come with a future update – or am I mistaken?

    Anyway, this new version plays more smoothly and the graphics got a nice upgrade – good going there!

  2. OH NICE a new update, wow just when I decided to check in!

    Still got the Windows Defender issue when it warned me about opening a file from an unknown publisher, but everything seems pretty alright still!

  3. First the bugs and minor nit picks. I have noticed there is no way out of the Hanger when you enter it, also the Hanger/Lobby Sign seems to be ‘on top’ of our main character. For me, quitting to menu soft locks the game. Also… In that scene in his office, Mr. Mellow is more a voyeur then an exhibitionist. Course… he could easily be both and have hidden cameras all over the place… And he could even comment on having sex with the two in resort. Lastly, white text with a black outline is readable on anything.

    Second the rest. I like the game so far and I can’t wait to see the other characters and maybe some “recycling” of ideas from the other games. I know you can’t just copy and paste from the other games. There are things that need to be recoded, redrawn, and reanimated.

    1. If I’m correct she’s on the second floor far to the right. Also. if you play with an old save, there may be no bar at all, better start new game then (which is not so bad since there’s not much content atm).

    1. the talons on his feet disappear as soon as the step lands, ill try and find other details as well. Amazing job though :3 worth the wait

    2. I guess he’s doing this porn mostly for his own pleasure and shares it for free so technically he owes us nothing. Besides, he’s got a job with only weekends as free time like many of us do.

  4. If you try looking at Ishi nothing pop ups and then you cant do anything else until you leave and come back. Is there a way to have sex with the janitor again? also yeah you cant leave the hangar

  5. Das I recommend you to obtain EasySave2 if you wanna avoid broken saves in future.

    Also, Unity’s C# is unnecessarily complex so there are some neat alternatives like moonsharp or, even simpler, GameFlow which allows to add code blocks to a gameobject right inside Unity.

    Of course those are just recommendations based on my current experience (doing lewd stuff in Unity mahself).

  6. Hey Das you gotta add in so we can interact with the girls on the beach or at least the flaming girl. Also for when you add in Darling you could put her in the other planet as some sort of tranny sharkgirl planet where this is only shark girls and trannys. Just an idea. Still nice work so far Das.

  7. Hey Das just wanted to say I appreciate you providing a linux version. I sure that doesn’t get much use but there’s at least one person who uses it 😀

  8. Im having issue’s extracting the file.. every time ive tried doing so it says “asset.unity3d” is either currupt or something. how do i get it to work?

  9. well it wouldnt be hard to add them to the game in the form of just scenes that can be watched instead of interacting with. I mean, tv sceens, photos, etc. they dont need to be replayed and interacted with.

  10. This game just keeps getting better and better, the fact that Dad was able to even continue making games after the original CJIS project literally destroyed itself in front of him, is incredible. And the fact that he’s still putting these updates out for free when he could very easily just lock them behind a paywall is just incredibly awesome. (I can’t believe that people still comment here acting like they’re entitled to more than what they get from a completely free update from a single animator’s passion project)

    Keep up the fantastic work as always Mr. Das! We all appreciate the effort you’re putting into it.
    (Side note. I can’t seem to find the new lifeguard interaction, is it supposed to be a new scene? Or is it just different dialogue than before?)

  11. Continuity(small): you can talk to the lifeguard before picking up the key from Mr. Mellow and get in and out without actually picking it up.

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