Crowjob in Space updated


-New animations for Xai Xevion
-New animations for Ishi (lizard bartender)
-Interactive beach ladies
-Something else I might have forgotten


-New item (Wine bottle) doesn’t have graphics yet, shows up as an empty selection in the inventory after acquiring.
OLD SAVEGAMES do not work properly, start a fresh one.


Windows (32bit)
Windows (64bit)

33 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space updated”

    1. Have you made sure it’s executable? A lot of people that make games available for Mac don’t set the correct permissions.

      Open and type (without quotes) “chmod -R u+x “, making sure to leave a space at the end, then drag the Crowjob in Space app onto the terminal window to fill in the path, and press enter to run the command.

      It should run just fine after that.

    2. Open a terminal: chmod -R +x [full_path_to_file]

      Now to launch:
      a) double click your file.
      b) from terminal:
      – cd [full_path_to_file_directory]
      – ./[filename]

      If you get error output on the terminal, please make a pastebin post and give the source.

  1. There is a glitch.
    You can’t acquire the wine, if you already had sex with the bartender.
    Except that the update is good !

  2. If your using fire fox to download it and its not working try using a different browser I’ve had the same issue and fixes it by downloading it from a different browser.

  3. for those that cant find the wine you have to talk to the beach girls first then go to the bar and choose the wine option before you fuck the bartender or she wont give you the wine

  4. To get the wine: Talk to the beach ladies FIRST, then go to the bartender. Tell her you need alcohol but have no money, you two will have sex and she’ll give you the wine. Go talk to the beach ladies again and you’ll be set.

    P.S., I’m loving the game so far Das, it’s coming along really well. Can’t wait until it’s done, keep up the good work ♥️

  5. Well the beach ladies are fucking awesome, god that was super hot to watch <3 only real problem I had was the "look" option on the bartender didn't work, just showed the bar still but it changed the commands and I had to click on the griffin to "return" back to bar.

    Beside that it went well, I'm just super glad there's a sexy bug lady to enjoy so you really made my day XD

  6. Is there any possible scenes to get with the xenomorph in the medical area/basement? If so, please tell how.

  7. Are the other two locations accessible in this version? I’ve been walking around aimlessly trying to find a way lmao

  8. If you turn “hold mouse to move” off and then back on while inside of any scene where you shouldn’t be able to walk around and then click, your character will make the long journey from off screen to on screen.

  9. It seems like when I press the mouse button to advance text box, 1 get skipped completely. I noticed because there is one frame after I click where I can see the text. But the text box get completely skipped and goes to the next one.

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