Crowjob in Space 19.6.2022


-Added Xeno #4 sex scene

Windows (launcher)

Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

Fixing a bug that prevents talking / activating the new xeno scene. Links coming back up soon

Links are back up.

Note: The launcher version still has the bug that prevents you from talking to Xeno #4 (after completing the “xeno quest”) The sex scene is still available via gallery if you start a new game -> Cheese it. I will upload a hotfix today after work!

44 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space 19.6.2022”

    1. Y’all it’s a big game and mobile is a completely different platform. You’re asking him to build the game from the ground up again.. It’s just not gonna happen, especially if you still want content for the main version in the next like three years.

  1. Unfortunately it looks like Xeno #4 is still broken in the Mac version; I can only interact with Null and Xeno #3, same as the last version, all the rest show as dots (no interactions).

    1. Actually I forgot about Xeno #1 and #6; turns out I can’t interact with them either on the new Mac version.

      Could be a save file issue I guess; I don’t have time to run through a new game to found out for sure.

      Speaking of which, would it be possible in a future version to get a “speedrun” option that skips all old quests, interactions etc. (so only the new content needs to be done)? This would make it easier to create a fresh new save (might make the game easier to test in general)?

      1. Yeah, could be a save game thing. There already is; in the main menu after clicking Start, you get an option to “cheese it” which unlocks all the gallery options.

  2. Mac version doesn’t seem to work after download.

    Unsure if its because of M1 Chips incompatibility with Java 7+ or just general download issues however :/

  3. Hey! Downloaded the new patch, but when the start screen opens, I can’t select new game or cameos. Tried using escape to see if that would open the menu, but that doesn’t seem to work.

    Any suggestions?

  4. I cannot leave the first part of the game. No option to get on the spaceship, only to look at it. Any solutions?

  5. I’ve got an problem

    It looks like Screen resolution is not compared with mine (1680×1050)

    And the corners of app looks like off bounds

  6. Love the update, hope for more Boss content soon. Are there plans for a fem protagonist (either before or after version 1.0) or are we staying with da crowboy?

    Also also, how much content is planned that doesn’t involve cameo appearances? Do you have a roadmap of some sorts for the story and side content, especially one you are willing to share?

    1. At this point, I haven’t planned on adding a character selection and re-create all the sex scenes for the additional character.
      I’ve got the “story” down but I don’t want to share it beforehand. :3

        1. Oh I haven’t given up! I have a full time job + gotta take care of my parents on the side, but I do my best to put more time on my project!

  7. No matter what I do, when trying to use the launcher I get the error message:

    ===> [Game updating] process STARTED! <===
    [Game updating] process FAILED! Network is not available or connectivity is low/weak… Check your connection!

    With no details on what is going on or why this is failing. How can I troubleshoot this? Not a single other application has any connectivity issues on my system.

  8. Hey Das, used the leancher, but every time I open the game it gets bigger for some reason, until it’s such a massive window it doesn’t even fit on my screen. It might be related to the fact that I have one horizontal and one vertical screen? I’m redownloading it now so I can see if it does the same thing when I launch the game via the game file instead of the launcher, I’ll let you know

    1. Tried using the launcher I left compressed, but it started up being the monolithic size that it was before, I’m going to download the Standalone version now.

    2. nope, even after completely deleting the previous files and installing the standalone version it still appears massive, but it isn’t getting any bigger at least?

  9. Is it possible to play on fullscreen mode?
    Also, does the CHEESE IT-option when starting a new game unlock all of the possible sexscenes on the gallery

  10. I encountered a fairly serious bug with the Lifeguard that pretty much completely broke the game.

    Reproduce steps:
    1) Complete the Mr. Mallow quest.
    2) Talk to the lifeguard and initiate the sex scene.
    3) Offer to top. (Offering to bottom does NOT trigger the bug.)

    * Intercom options other than the lifeguard disappear (but select ones can be unlocked again–e.g. beach ladies, Raiyana)
    * Xerva just tells you to go to Mr. Mellow’s office to deliver the package, his sex scene becomes inaccessible
    * Vendetta is completely non-interactible
    * Nickie’s sex scene cannot be accessed
    * The bartender’s sex scene becomes inaccessible
    * Repair crew respawns in the elevator and elevator cannot be accessed from first floor, must go to 3rd floor to access elevator
    * If the Xeno has already been picked up from the resort, he vanishes from your ship and returns to the resort basement
    * Talking with Mr. Mallow replays the initial conversation where he apologizes for the broken elevator *but* the dialogue choice “Your packages are ready in the ship” is replaced with “Okay!” and “No thanks.” Selecting “Okay!” starts the voyeur sex scene, but you cannot advance past Mallow’s wife giving you a blowjob
    NOTE: Upon further testing, the broken conversation appears to also occur if you initially decline Mr. Mallow’s offer of fucking his wife. However you are able to advance if you respond “Okay,” you are only unable to advance if you fuck the lifeguard.
    * Returning to the mothership in this state completely soft-locks you: You cannot talk with the boss or initiate his sex scenes, and trying to leave the ship results in Calvin saying he needs to grab the packages, but there are no packages to grab
    * The beach ladies, if unlocked before triggering the bug, are still accessible, as is Raiyana, the Janitor, etc.

    TL;DR: Topping the Janitor essentially undoes the flag that completes the Mr. Mallow delivery and there is no way to re-do it.

      1. Yes, it was. To be 100% certain I selected New Game, selected “Start fresh” and reproduced the issue successfully, same trigger and symptoms.

        1. As a brief addendum, I also reloaded my earlier save and checked the behavior when topping the Lifeguard through the gallery while I was in the station next to Gina. After the scene completed, I was warped from the station to the resort hotel room (instead of returning to the gallery). All previously unlocked gallery options EXCEPT for the lifeguard were gone, and the previous described issue occurred.

  11. So recently with this update, I can’t get off of the starting area even after picking up packages and talking to the boss man all I get is look at the ship but as I hover over the ship it says leave mothership just without the needed option to do so Idk if anyone else is having the issue or its just me. Das if you want me to try some things to see if there’s a workaround let me know and ill try em

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