Crowjob in Space 19.6.2022


-Added Xeno #4 sex scene

Windows (launcher)

Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

Fixing a bug that prevents talking / activating the new xeno scene. Links coming back up soon

Links are back up.

Note: The launcher version still has the bug that prevents you from talking to Xeno #4 (after completing the “xeno quest”) The sex scene is still available via gallery if you start a new game -> Cheese it. I will upload a hotfix today after work!

17 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space 19.6.2022”

  1. Unfortunately it looks like Xeno #4 is still broken in the Mac version; I can only interact with Null and Xeno #3, same as the last version, all the rest show as dots (no interactions).

    1. Actually I forgot about Xeno #1 and #6; turns out I can’t interact with them either on the new Mac version.

      Could be a save file issue I guess; I don’t have time to run through a new game to found out for sure.

      Speaking of which, would it be possible in a future version to get a “speedrun” option that skips all old quests, interactions etc. (so only the new content needs to be done)? This would make it easier to create a fresh new save (might make the game easier to test in general)?

      1. Yeah, could be a save game thing. There already is; in the main menu after clicking Start, you get an option to “cheese it” which unlocks all the gallery options.

  2. Mac version doesn’t seem to work after download.

    Unsure if its because of M1 Chips incompatibility with Java 7+ or just general download issues however :/

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